Mike Flynn Jr. Endorses Virginia Senate Candidate (VIDEO)

Mike Flynn Jr. has thrown his support behind Republican Ivan Raiklin in the Virginia senate race and recorded a video to explain his endorsement.

“The 2016 election was only step one when it came to defeating a candidate who would have absolutely brought this country in the continued direction of socialism — if not worse, communism,” Flynn told the Gateway Pundit. “The 2018 midterms are step two.”

Flynn explained that while he was watching Trump speak at CPAC last week a major thing that stuck with him was the importance of the midterms and not being complacent just because our party is in the White House.

“We need the same passion we had leading up to 2016,” Flynn said.


For that reason, Flynn has decided to throw his support behind Raiklin, who has served as a Green Beret, military diplomat, foreign affairs specialist, and intelligence officer at critical times during the last 20 years, deploying multiple times to four continents.

“We absolutely need more veterans in Congress. The current percentages are too low,” he said. “Our veterans are the best trained people in the world and frankly, I would take a veteran in congress over an academic any day.”

According to his campaign website, as a Green Beret, Raiklin advised the Salvadoran Army’s Special Forces in their efforts to counter MS13. Last year, he trained the Jordanian Special Operations Command who are countering ISIS. Most recently, Ivan deployed to the hurricane-stricken areas of Texas, to help victims of Hurricane Harvey to conduct Search and Rescue operations and deliver Humanitarian Aid.

“Virginia and America deserve the best candidate, not necessarily a person with the best name recognition,” Flynn said. “We need a freedom fighting candidate who will uphold out great constitution and stand for America’s values and traditions.”

Pictured: Ivan Raiklin front center, Mike Flynn Jr. right, Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino left
Photo via Ivan Raiklin Facebook page

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