Meet the Tattooed Woman Behind President Trump’s Facebook Success During 2016 Election

Guest post by Joe Hoft

President Trump won the 2016 election with the assistance of many.  The voice of his Facebook campaign was a tattooed woman who says he never would have won the election without Facebook.

The BBC reported this weekend that President Trump spent millions on Facebook and was courted by Facebook as a result.  They no doubt never thought he would win.  Now Facebook is under fire for helping Trump win the election.

The lady in the video says that the President’s twitter account was all him, but she did a lot of the Facebook stuff for the President. 


Theresa Hong, Trump’s head of digital content, says she basically “channeled Mr. Trump”!

President Trump used data on 200 million Americans to win the election.  His campaign spent most of its budget, $85 million, on Facebook.

The rest is history!

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