Linda Sarsour Gets UConn Speaking Gig After Calling for Jihad Against Trump

Top Democrat activist Linda Sarsour took to Facebook recently to defend a Muslim’s right to kill Jews.

Sarsour was very upset that President Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. She went off on a tirade where she defended a Palestinian’s right to resist and kill Jews.

Last July Sarsour called for jihad against President Trump.

In February Sarsour spoke at a protest called “A Day of Action Against Trump’s White Supremacy.”
Keith Ellison spoke and sat on stage during the rally.


The far left America hater went off on a racist, America-bashing tirade.

Linda Sarsour: I’m talking to Chuck Schumer who’s also from Brooklyn. I’m tired of hearing a white man negotiating on the backs of people of color and communities like ours. But I also remember that I live in a country that was founded on the extermination of indigenous people. You have a fascist in the highest office of this land who is running ICE which has always been a rogue agency but now they’re acting like a gestapo going and picking up people in the middle of the night…

At the end of her speech the entire crowd started chanting.

Linda Sarsour is speaking at UConn next Wednesday.

The College Fix reported:

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour has called for divestments and sanctions against Israel

Prominent social activist Linda Sarsour, who has previously come under fire for controversial comments regarding opposition to the Trump administration, is set to speak at the University of Connecticut as an invited guest of the school’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion.

The event, scheduled for March 7, is also hosted in part by the school’s Women’s, Gender and Sexualities Studies department and its Human Rights Institute.

The event listing describes Sarsour as a “racial justice and civil rights activist” who “has received numerous awards and honors including “Champion of Change” by the White House, YWCA USA’s Women of Distinction Award for Advocacy and Civic Engagement, and the Hala Maksoud Leadership Award from the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.”

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