Leftie Comedienne Samantha Bee Trashes B*tch Hope Hicks, Christians and Whites (VIDEO)

For some reason the leftie comedians on late night television believe ugly political attacks on conservatives and Christians make good humor.

Comedienne Samantha Bee is the latest far left hack to use this stage excuse for humor. On Wednesday Bee attacked Hope Hicks, Christians and whites.

Via Mediaite:

“Hope Hicks, thanks to your force field of bland pretty whiteness, you’ll probably escape this nightmare presidency unscathed. You’ll disappear into a nice wealthy anonymity in a nice town somewhere. And some day you’ll go to the gates of the nice white protestant heaven where St. Peter will laugh in your face and say, ‘You think you’re getting in here? You helped burn down democracy, bitch! Get your ass downstairs!’ See you around the baking aisle, Hopie.”

And people watch this trash?

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