John Solomon: Russia Was Helping Notorious Bushehr Nuclear Plant in Iran (VIDEO)

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant
As reported earlier by Christina Laila — Uranium One informant, William Douglas Campbell told The Hill that he provided evidence to the FBI during Obama’s first term that Russia was aiding Iran’s nuclear program as billions worth of US contracts were flowing into Moscow’s uranium industry. 

The Hill reporter John Solomon joined Sean Hannity tonight to discuss the latest statements from the CIA Uranium whistle-blower William Douglas.

Solomon told Hannity the Russians were providing assistance to the Iranian Bashir nuclear plant.


John Solomon: We now know for the first time that he also was passing along a second. Russia, Rosatom, was assisting Iran’s nuclear program. He gave very specific details and tonight after my story broke I got a call from some intelligence sources. They gave me a little bit more information. Doug Campbell was providing information about the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran. Russia was helping that specific plant. Why was that important? The US was so concerned about that that they eventually released the Stuxnet virus with Israel.

Via Hannity:

The Gateway Pundit reported in June 2013 — Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi, Iran’s ambassador to Russia, told Russian news that the Bushehr plant in Iran had an electrical malfunction.
It was targeted by the Stuxnet virus.

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