James Woods Moves in With Kill Shot After Twitter Suspends User For Making Fun of Maxine Waters’ Wig

Twitter suspended a user this week for calling Maxine Waters a lunatic and trolling her over her wig.

Of course making fun of Waters’ wig is nothing new; Bill O’Reilly previously poked fun at Waters for her ‘James Brown wig.’

Update: Twitter has censored Woods’ tweet by marking it sensitive. (screenshot below)

Twitter user @TrueJackDaniel hammered Maxine Waters after she accused Americans on Twitter of being ‘Russian bots.’


He was subsequently suspended for 7 days from the platform for tweeting, “We’re not Russian bots you retard. Nobody believes a crazy old lying lunatic in a bad wig. Get a weave and shut your f*cking mouth. Just sit there and wait to go to jail in your mansion, you useless corrupt pig. I’m from America and not a slave to $$ like you!”


Twitter allows Democrat lawmakers like Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff to spread lies without reprisal. They regularly claim ordinary Americans on Twitter are ‘Russian bots’ without any proof.

In fact, Twitter’s internal analysis confirms Russian bots were not behind the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign as Adam Schiff previously claimed.

Perhaps Twitter doesn’t understand how trolling works because everyone started to pile on Maxine Waters after the social media giant tried to shield the Democrat Congresswoman from criticism.

James Woods destroyed Maxine Waters with a short, to-the-point tweet!

Woods tweeted, “That’s a wig? I thought it was a service animal…”


This is why we LOVE James Woods!

Update: Twitter has marked Woods’ tweet about Maxine Waters as ‘potentially sensitive content’ making it impossible to view on Twitter app for iPhone.

There is an option on desktop to be able to click and view his tweet. The censorship never stops.

Donald Trump Jr. chimed in too. Of course Democrats are protected by the Twitter police but liberals hurl vile insults to conservatives all day without being banned. Par for the course.

The trolling of Maxine Waters multiplied exponentially. Twitter just doesn’t understand how this works.

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