Ivy League University Vows to Give Free Master’s Tuition to DACA Students

Brown University has vowed to offer a “tuition-free” Master’s Degree to illegal immigrants if the government opts to shutdown the unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Brown University

The school will also use their funding to provide them with “enhanced Counseling and Psychological Services,” and “create in-school and post-graduate opportunities for students unable to work legally to engage in stipend-supported research and education that is not citizenship-dependent.”

“The Dean of the College and the Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services are collaborating to establish Brown Experiential Learning Fellowships that will offer eligible students an opportunity to engage in independent, project-based experiences that include a research component. In addition to this, the University will offer tuition-free, fifth-year Master’s program enrollment for eligible 2018 graduates of Brown. Admitted students would receive a stipend and health insurance,” Provost Richard M. Locke said in a statement last month.

The university already covers the cost of DACA renewal application fees, provides grant money to pay for legal representation, and has extra institutional scholarships for students whose work authorization expires, Campus Reform reports.

The handouts for non-citizens come as our own young adults struggle to be able to afford an education.

DACA, as noted by the Heritage Foundation, is an administrative amnesty for illegal aliens that President Barack Obama lacked the constitutional and legal authority to implement.

In May 2011, then-President Obama stated that he cannot “just bypass Congress and change the (immigration) law myself. … That’s not how a democracy works.”

A year later, he did it anyways.

In September, Brown University vowed to continue to contributing to the lawlessness by asserting that they will not cooperate with law enforcement officials unless they have a subpoena.


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