Is This Him? Reddit User Claims To Be Mystery Bomber Terrorizing Austin, Texas

A mysterious social media user is claiming to be the Austin bomber responsible for a number of explosions in recent weeks. 

New York Daily News reports:

“My intention is not to kill people. I am doing this simply because I want to watch the world burn,” someone using the handle “austinbomber” posted on Reddit Tuesday.

The anonymous user made a string of disturbing messages in which he compared himself to the Zodiac, the notorious serial killer who was never caught or identified even though he murdered at least five people in California in the 1960s and ’70s.

The self-professed Austin bomber denied suggestions that the attacks are racially motivated.

“It’s not race-related like the media has speculated,” one message read. “I also enjoy laughing at the massive police presence that just simply cannot find or deanonymize me.”

The poster said he’s between “30-50 years old,” and insisted that he doesn’t have “any terminal illness or anything like that.” The account was quickly suspended and its messages scrubbed from the site.

On Tuesday evening, Austin police responded to reports of a sixth explosion near a Goodwill store at Brodie Lane and West Slaughter Lane. One man in his 30s was injured in the blast.


Later, Austin Police reported this explosion did not seem to be related to previous package bombs.

“There was no package explosion in the 9800 block of Brodie Ln. Items inside package was not a bomb, rather an incendiary device. At this time, we have no reason to believe this incident is related to previous package bombs,” Austin Police tweeted.

So what was inside the box? “We’re being told the incendiary device was something like a flare, and the flare was included with a bunch of old items that had been donated by somebody,” CBS News’ Pat Milton reported.

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