‘I Went Through Hell’ Says Former FBI Agent Targeted by Andrew McCabe (VIDEO)

Former FBI counter-terrorism agent, Robin Gritz told Fox & Friends Sunday morning she celebrated the news of McCabe’s firing because he targeted her and put her through hell.

Robin Gritz resigned from the FBI after serving for 16 years.

Gritz began working with Andrew McCabe in 2005.

The former FBI agent said McCabe began to scrutinize her and made her life a living hell.

Partial transcript via Fox News:

“He made some discriminatory comments about why I was traveling and such,” Gritz said of her boss at the time, who was not McCabe.

When she heard that the boss was making similar comments to a black coworker, Gritz said she decided to file a complaint against him.

Gritz said when she filed the suit, McCabe signed off on an internal investigation against her, adding that “he know that I was either filing or going to file the [case].”

“I went through hell for a year and a half,” she said. “Andy made sure I couldn’t get out of the division.”

Gritz said that McCabe additionally made “nasty, false” comments about her in a meeting — “lying,” she said. “which is why he just got fired.”

Robin Gritz said she was at a restaurant when she heard the good news McCabe was fired.

She received over 50 messages from other FBI agents and friends celebrating his firing.

McCabe is a dirty cop. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Michael Horowitz is set to release his much-anticipated IG report which will reveal more of McCabe’s dirty deeds.



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