Hungary’s Conservative Leadership Challenges UN Plan to Foist Massive Third World Migration on West

Hungary’s conservative leadership announced it was ready to challenge the United Nations in its plan to destroy the West.

The UN is furious. reported:

Presenting a “security first” proposal to the United Nations (UN), Hungary has announced it is “ready to fight” the globalist body over plans to promote mass migration.

The country’s conservative government submitted the 12-point proposal in response to the “dangerous” so-called Global Compact for Migration, which was described by President Donald J. Trump as a “no borders plan” when he withdrew the U.S. from talks in December.

Announcing the proposal in Budapest, Foreign Secretary Peter Szijjártó warned: “If these 12 points, in which the Government summarises its position, are not included in the package, Hungary will not be in a position to support the adoption of the Compact.

“The goal of the proposal is to ensure that the security of the Hungarian people can continue to be guaranteed in future,” he said, declaring that “the Government and the governing parties are ready to fight this battle”.

Of course, the United Nations called Orban’s plan a “statement of racism.”

Either flood your country with third world migrants or be labeled a racist.


The UN is furious.

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