Former Top Clinton Strategist Dishes Dirt On Bill & Hillary’s Marriage In Juicy, New Book

Former Clinton strategist Mark Penn is dishing up dirt on Bill and Hillary’s marriage in his new book ‘Microtrends Squared: The New Small Forces Driving Today’s Big Disruptions.’

Daily Mail UK reports:

The Clintons have ‘at least a one-way open marriage’, their former veteran pollster claims in his new book – in which he also bashes Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Mark Penn, who served as a pollster for Bill Clinton in the 1990s and chief strategist for Hillary‘s 2008 presidential campaign, says that the political couple’s open marriage was possibly ‘not by choice’.

He even references Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright’s characters on the hit political drama House of Cards, where the fictional first couple, Frank and Claire Underwood, ‘have numerous partners, including one who sleeps at the White House’.

Penn opens up about the Clintons in his upcoming book, Microtrends Squared: The New Small Forces Driving Today’s Big Disruptions. […]

‘It’s not hard to conclude that Bill and Hillary Clinton didn’t have at least a one-way open marriage,’ he writes. ‘Perhaps it was not by choice, but the stories accumulated over the years until the fact of it became apparent.

In his book, Penn writes that the 1% still admire Bill Clinton despite his checkered past with women.

“Many elites continued to hold former president Bill Clinton in high regard – despite a checkered history with women – while assuming a crude audiotape would be the end of Donald Trump.”

In addition, Penn believes the Trump-Russia collusion narrative is a nothingburger.

“Today you can sit down with an impressionable elite – a Harvard-educated lawyer, for example – and they know with absolute certainty that somehow Trump was laundering money with the Russians in exchange for help in the election.”

“They have no evidence for these claims and yet they ‘know’ it just as strongly as elites once believed the earth was flat.”

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