FLASHBACK: Matt Drudge Told He Was Having His ’15 Minutes’ of Fame — in 1997! (RARE VIDEO)

Media icon Matt Drudge revealed Thursday that the Drudge Report scored its biggest-ever traffic in February. 

“Thanks a Billion!
Last month was top February for traffic in DRUDGEREPORT 23 year history! The site was viewed 834,279,649 times [up from 809,199,542 Feb ’17]” tweeted Drudge.

In honor of the incredible milestone, here’s footage of Drudge participating in a fireside chat about journalism at the University of Southern California on December 18, 1997.


In response to Drudge lamenting he was not welcome at “any parties” due to his reporting style, Slate’s Michael Kinsley said Drudge was having his “15 minutes” of fame.

Sitting in the audience is Andrew Breitbart, who passed away six years ago today.

DRUDGE: “I’m not welcome at any parties at this point. I’ve ticked off so many people.”

KINSLEY: “Oh, Matt. First of all, you’re having your 15 minutes.”

DRUDGE: “You told me it was over last summer.”

KINSLEY: “I was wrong! I wasn’t even 80 percent right. Second of all, you are enjoying it a heck of a lot. Third of all, you’ve just been profiled in Vanity Fair.

Kinsley’s assertion aged dreadfully.

This above footage is also the only known video of Drudge and Andrew Breitbart, who passed away six years ago today, together.

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