FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Says President Trump’s “Cavalier Threats” to North Korea are “Dangerous, Short-Sighted”

Bill Clinton signed a nuclear deal with North Korea and gave them $4 billion to sign the deal.

The North Koreans lied and broke the agreement almost immediately.

albright north korea
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright shared a toast with the North Korean dictator after the nuclear agreement was signed in 1994.

The Clinton administration gave them $4 billion in bribe money to sign the deal.

But that didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from spouting off in October 2017 against the American president during her trip to South Korea.

Hillary told South Korean reporters that President Trump’s “cavalier threats” to North Korea are ‘dangerous, short-sighted’.


Hillary was reading the words from a Teleprompter.

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On Thursday the Trump White House announced North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited Donald Trump to sit down for meetings.

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