Longtime Hillary Clinton Advisor Admits POTUS Trump Knocked It Out The Park In Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

Former Hillary Clinton advisor Philippe Reines admitted on Fox News Saturday night that President Trump’s rally in Moon Township, PA was a success. 


Mediaite reports:

Reines first noted that he didn’t enjoy the speech — which was very reminiscent of Trump’s 2016 campaign speeches — as much as fellow panelist David Bossie (a former Trump staffer.)

“I thought boy, does Donald Trump know how to keep an audience in the palm of his hands,” Reines noted. It actually is remarkable to watch.”

“I understand why that man won in 2016,” Reines added. “And I understand, though I’m not terrified, but I understand why he may win again in 2020.”

Reines took on the role of ‘Trump’ during Clinton’s debate prep because he was “known for his bullish, combative personality—traits that often mirror Trump’s personal debate style”.


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