Far Left Operative Brennan Gilmore Admits Purpose Of His Frivolous Lawsuit Is To “Blunt” The Gateway Pundit’s Voice

Unhinged leftie hack and State Department employee Brennan Gilmore traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017, to counter protest a group of white supremacists defending a Confederate statue in the city.

Gilmore filmed Alex Fields Jr. drive his car into a group of counter-protesters marching in the street.
Gilmore was then interviewed on several far-left mainstream media outlets about the events in Charlottesville.

But Mr. Gilmore did not mention his work with the State Department, his far left activism or his extreme Trump hatred.


Here is Mr. Gilmore on the record at “Blue Virginia.”


In a shocking unsurprising admission, Deep State operative Brennan Gilmore has admitted to CNN that the entire purpose of his lawsuit against Gateway Pundit, InfoWars and others, is to “blunt” the ability of these news sites from getting information to the public.

While Gilmore attempted to push the notion that “the stories have had an adverse effect on his life”, an op-ed he released where he claimed it was an “honor” to be “attacked” by “Nazis” like us, before he bizarrely goes on to say that all white people need to stand up against conservatives (who, of course, must all be white supremacists because they believe in small government and personal accountability):

I consider it an honor to be attacked by people who have none, and I am willing to put up with personal risk to speak out against Nazis. I believe that it is incumbent on white people in particular to take the risks necessary to confront and restrain white supremacists, given the inherent and intentional risk they present to all communities of color.

In the op-ed, Gilmore admits he Soros-like, he admits working for the State Department, he admits being vehemently far-left. The Gateway Pundit reported on all of this back in August and did not publish any misinformation on Mr. Gilmore. We simply stated the facts, that he himself backed up.

So why the lawsuit? Well, once again Gilmore stupidly comes to the rescue:

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Andrew Mendrala, with the assistance of law students from the Georgetown University’s Civil Rights clinic, which he helps oversee. Gilmore said he hopes the lawsuit helps “blunt the ability” of fringe websites and individuals to spread baseless conspiracy theories.

“The primary motivation was accountability and trying to confront what I consider to be an incredibly dangerous trend in our civil discourse, our democracy,” he told CNN. “And that is the widespread saturation these sites have and their unwillingness to go by traditional journalistic practices.”

Mendrala told CNN that he believes Gilmore’s case is “extremely strong” and “on the merit, we ought to win.” Some of the defendants, however, did not seem moved by the lawsuit.

Gilmore already admitted that all the information we published was factual, and yet all of the sudden he is now calling it “conspiracy” theories in an attempt to control the narrative. Some of these Deep State operatives might be powerful and have large networks of connections that they can use to do as much damage as possible, but they’re also morons.

And so there it is. The only purpose of this lawsuit is to silence conservative websites. 

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