Crooked Hillary Praises Anti-Gun Students Marching ‘Our Future is in the Right Hands’ – Twitter Responds

The anti-gun lobby held protests across the nation today against gun rights.

Naturally, the Marxists are using the youth to push their anti-second amendment agenda.

The ‘March For Our Lives’ protest spawned after the Parkland mass shooting. Despite the many failures by the FBI and local law enforcement to stop Nikolas Cruz, the students are screaming for stricter gun laws. Makes sense.


Crooked Hillary praised the anti-gun marchers and the internet responded.

Crooked Hillary praised the anti-gun students and said our future is in the right hands with them as our leaders.

Tide pod connoisseurs who want stricter gun control. What could go wrong?

Hillary tweeted: Listening to the students from Parkland and across the country today is a reminder of what is possible when our future is in the right hands, and when we match inspiration with determination.

The anti-American, anti-2A leaders are out in full force today.

Barack Obama also saluted the anti-gun students with a vague message, ‘nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change.’

Hillary got roasted by pro-2A Trump supporters.

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