Crooked Democrat Gutiérrez Ordered to Repay Federal Govt. Over Misuse of Funds

Crooked Democrat Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) was ordered to pay the federal government for misusing federal funds.

It’s not the first time Gutiérrez has had trouble with the law.

Gutiérrez was previously arrested for illegal protesting in support of illegal aliens.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:


The House Committee on Ethics released a series of reports on Friday and ordered Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D., Ill.) to repay the government after allegations he misused federal funds.

Gutiérrez has been told to repay $9,700 to the Treasury as a result of what was called “inadvertent” use of funds provided to his office for its operation, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The Illinois Democrat had hired former chief of staff Doug Scofield to advise his office, resulting in questions as to whether Scofield was acting as official staff.

“The OCE Board recommends that the Committee on Ethics further review the allegation, as there is substantial reason to believe that Representative Gutierrez used funds from his MRA for an impermissible purpose – to retain an individual to provide services to his congressional office that more closely resembled those provided by an employee or consultant, rather than a contractor – in violation of federal law and House rules,” the Office of Congressional Ethics recommended.

Luis Gutierrez made headlines when lawmakers started chanting “USA! USA!…” at the State of the Union Address.
It was too much for the Illinois lawmaker and he walked out of the address.

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