Conservative Malzberg to Stormy Daniels: I’ll Pay for Sketch Artist to ID Man Who “Threatened You” (VIDEO)

On Sunday night former porn star Stormy Daniels confessed on “60 Minutes” that she had a consensual sexual relationship with businessman Donald Trump.

Stormy said she spanked the business mogul and had sex with him once.

She also said she was threatened in a parking lot by a strange male.

On Monday conservative pundit Steve Malzberg offered to pay for the sketch artist for Stormy.

Steve Malzberg: It’s not only not hurting the president it’s helping the president. When the center of attention becomes a porn star accusing the president really of nothing. It was consensual. She did it because she wanted to. He treated her kindly. The Playboy model said the same thing. She was in love with him. I mean, people don’t want to see this trash. And the double standard is insane. First of all Stormy Daniels said she lied. She signed an affidavit. She admitted she lied. She lied. She lied. She lied. And now she says she was threatened in a parking lot. She told Anderson Cooper, “If I see that guy again I’ll know exactly who he is.” Challenge: Go to a sketch artist. Describe him. And let’s see it now. I’ll pay for it.

Via Russia Today:

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