Conservative Firebrand Morgan Murtaugh Becomes Youngest Candidate for Congress, Running In 53rd District of California

Earlier this week, Morgan Murtaugh announced her run for Congress in the 53rd District of California. In a recent press release, her team has informed us that this run makes Morgan the youngest candidate for Congress.

Full disclaimer: I met Morgan six years ago at CPAC when she was running the mega-popular Twitter handle “Republican Girl Probs.” Since then, I have seen her start a successful Conservative merchandise company, a news site which frequently published viral pieces that were underserved by MSM news, and worked as an incredible host and producer over with our friends at OANN. While I don’t know much about what the 53rd District of California needs (and have no desire to research it out further because I personally dislike California), I do know that I have rarely seen the same drive and ingenuity in any candidate, much less individual, than I have seen in Morgan over the years; she fully has my love and support for this incredible and patriotic venture. Hopefully, by the time she wins, and has a chance to accomplish her goals for the district, California will suck just a little bit less.

VIA Press Release:


SAN DIEGO, CA – Today, Morgan Murtaugh was the youngest candidate to declare her candidacy for the United States Congress. Born and raised in San Diego, Morgan has been a political activist for nearly a decade, promoting conservative values in an effort to improve the lives of Americans from all walks of life. She now intends to do the same for her community in the 53rd District of California.

Morgan began her work in the San Diego community working for the United States Navy as Assistant Protocol Officer to Commander, Naval Air Forces. During this time, she attended community college and volunteered for local and federal politics. She also founded the political platform RepubGrlProbs in 2012, which reached over 50,000 users across several social media platforms and employed a staff of 15. Morgan finished her degree in Political Communications at George Washington University, where she spent time as a communications intern on Capitol Hill. She is currently employed as an on-air political commentator at One America News Network.

Morgan hopes to encourage and inspire young Americans and her community to re-engage in politics, and better the lives of the people in her district.

“As a lifelong San Diegan, I understand the wants and needs of the people of San Diego and will fight tirelessly for them in Congress,” said Morgan. “I plan to fully engage with my community, learn their struggles and their successes first hand, and empower them to succeed. Unlike career politicians who represent special interests, I will represent my community over anything else.”

Election Day is June 5th. To learn more about the campaign, visit

For media requests, send an email to [email protected]

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