‘Congress Should Get Answers’ GOP Lawmakers Rip DOJ For Hiding Peter Strzok Had Personal Relationship With Judge Involved in Flynn Case

Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok had a personal relationship with Rudolph Contreras, the judge who previously recused himself from General Flynn’s case according to a new report by Sara Carter.

GOP lawmakers ripped the DOJ for hiding the fact that Peter Strzok had a relationship with Judge Contreras from Congress.

Pictured: FBI agent Peter Strzok (L) and Judge Rudolph Contreras (R)

Sara Carter reports on the texts:

In a text message chain from Page to Strzok on July, 25, 2016 she writes, “Rudy is on the FISC! Did you know that? Just appointed two months ago.” At that point, the pair continues to discuss other issues but comes back to Contrares, “I did. We talked about it before and after. I need to get together with him.” Then later Strzok appears to return to his discussion about Contreras.

Social media was set ablaze after Sara Carter published her report on Peter Strzok’s cozy relationship with Judge Contreras.

Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said Congress should get answers.

DeSantis tweeted: Congress should get answers on the recusal of Judge Contreras and the relationship between the judge and the FBI’s Peter Strzok. The handling of the Flynn case has been problematic to say the least.

Freedom Caucus Chairman, Rep Mark Meadows (R-NC) reacted to the news.

Rep Meadows tweeted: Important story. When a lead FBI investigator (Peter Strzok) discusses his personal relationship with a FISA judge, the DOJ should not keep that kind of material from Congress, and more importantly, from the American people. We need to know. Period.

Rep Meadows then followed up with a call for greater transparency from the DOJ and FBI.

Here’s the bottom line: the DOJ/FBI must operate with greater transparency and turn over more documents with fewer redactions, allowing Congress to investigate and do our jobs. That’s what the American people demand.

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