Clinton’s Desire to Help Democrats Win in 2018 Comes With a $900,000 Price Tag

For anyone who wasn’t already convinced that Hillary Clinton’s only real motivator in American politics was money, the failed candidate has now charged the broke Democratic National Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $900,000 for list acquisitions.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, the DNC came up with $300,000 on January 8 to pay Clinton’s organization, Onward Together.

“The payment was made to Clinton’s organization as state Democratic parties were waiting on $10 million in funding for rebuilding efforts that was initially promised last July,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.


Onward Together was launched by the Clinton machine last April, claiming to be part of the “resistance” movement against Trump. In reality, it appears she just can’t resist an opportunity to fill her pockets.

According to the report, the party did not even have $10 million on hand, but managed to shell out hundreds of thousands to Clinton’s group for “generic committee list rental” between mid-December and late January.

“On Dec. 12, the DCCC disbursed $286,689.34 to Onward Together for the list rentals. In January, two more payments were made to Clinton’s group in the amounts of $139,242.20 and $145,882.40 for the rentals,” the Free Beacon report states.

It seems her desire for the Democrats to win comes with quite a hefty price tag.

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