CAUGHT ON VIDEO=> Unhinged Leftist Heckles, Hurls Russian Flag at Paul Manafort – Then Is CONGRATULATED by Media (VIDEO)

Former Trump campaign manager pleaded not guilty today to n 18-count Mueller indictment that pertained to business dealings from as far back as 2006 — about a decade before Donald Trump decided to run for president.

On Thursday a far left protester with a Russia sign heckled Paul Manafort outside the federal courthouse.

Investigative journalist Lee Stranahan was outside the courthouse when Manafort was harassed and heckled.

Lee took a photo of the protest signs.

Cover-Up Caucus is linked to

The unhinged protester hurled a Russian flag at Paul Manafort and screamed, “Traitor!” as he left the courthouse.

Via Lee Stranahan at

Then this happened.

The far left protester was hugged by laughing reporters.

Via Lee Stranahan at

They’re all on the same side.

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