Canadian Conservative Journalist Lauren Southern Detained, Questioned About Her Christianity, Then Banned From UK

Canadian YouTuber and documentary filmmaker Lauren Southern was detained for six hours upon attempting to enter the UK and questioned about her Christianity.

The UK claimed that she is racist over her previously handing out material that said that “Allah is a gay God,” despite the fact that Islam is not a race. She was held and questioned under Section 7, the terrorism act.

The government claimed that she presents “a threat to the fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom.”

“It’s shocking how effective the UK border enforcement is with an English speaking, Christian, 22-year-old girl with no criminal record. It really makes one wonder how thousands of illegal migrants and potential jihadis have made their way through their borders. Seems as though there needs to be a serious conversation about priorities in the nation,” Southern told the Gateway Pundit.

Her ban came on the same day that the nation released American author and journalist Brittany Pettibone and Austrian activist Martin Sellner — after detaining them for nearly three days over their right-wing beliefs.

“I’m not kidding about this, but during my questioning by the UK police… I was asked about my Christianity and whether I’m a radical. I was also asked how I feel about running Muslims over with cars,” Southern tweeted following her release.

Southern, who was travelling alone, was released outside the gate in Calais.

Southern has told the Gateway Pundit that she will be fighting the ban.


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