Barack Obama Salutes Student Anti-Gun Marchers: ‘Nothing Can Stand in Way of Millions of Voices Calling for Change’

Former President Barack Obama issued a statement Saturday afternoon saluting the March for Our Lives protesters who are calling for stricter gun laws in the wake of the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 students and faculty and wounded 17 more.

Obama’s statement, however, does not mention what the students were marching about. In typical Obama fashion, he says something that everyone thinks they hear without Obama actually saying it. In this case, no mention of guns or any proposed actions were made by Obama.

“Michelle and I are so inspired by all the young people who made today’s marches happen. Keep at it. You’re leading us forward. Nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change.”

Similarly, a letter by Barack and Michelle Obama to the Parkland students dated March 10 gave support but made no mention of their anti-gun cause.

Obama issued a statement on February 15, the day after the Parkland school massacre, that did mention gun-control, “We are grieving with Parkland. But we are not powerless. Caring for our kids is our first job. And until we can honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep them safe from harm, including long overdue, common-sense gun safety laws that most Americans want, then we have to change.”

Obama’s efforts to impose gun control were rejected by Congress throughout his presidency. In 2016, a frustrated Obama issued a series of executive actions on guns. He spoke about the Second Amendment at the announcement (via Time):

“I believe in the Second Amendment. It’s there written on the paper. It guarantees a right to bear arms. No matter how many times people try to twist my words around, I taught constitutional law. I know a little bit about this. I get it. But I also believe that we can find ways to reduce gun violence consistent with the Second Amendment,” Obama said.

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