AUDIO: Congressman Matt Gaetz on Rose Unplugged: ‘There’s More to Come’ Regarding Obama’s State Department

According to Congressman Gaetz, Obama’s State Department functioned as if it were an arm of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Appearing on Monday morning’s edition of “Rose Unplugged”, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke at great lengths about the information to be revealed. Congressman Gaetz noted that more revelations would come to light regarding the State Department under President Obama.

Congressman Gaetz asserts the Obama-run State Department functioned as if they were a branch of the Clinton presidential campaign.

Individuals like Cody Shearer and Sydney Blumenthal, major players in Hillary Clinton’s circle of corruption, moved things “in and out of the State Department to try to influence investigations and decisions.”

The reaches of the Clinton’s network of corruption is evidenced primarily by the fact that Hillary has yet to see an indictment. Despite being one of the most corrupt and reprehensible politicians in American history, Clinton continues to exist with freedom, much like Obama and the many other names associated to the rampant crime and corruption found in D.C.

Rep. Gaetz noted that “there’s more”. Congressman Gaetz also stated that he hopes that this situation doesn’t end up like Benghazi, wherein we know all of the “bad acts” but nothing ever happens to anyone. He says Washington cannot simply “move down the trail” after this, as they did with Benghazi.

You can listen to the full audio below:


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