APRIL RYAN Goes on Unhinged Rant Against POTUS Trump, ‘White’ Founding Fathers, Trump Supporters after His PA Rally (VIDEO)

President Trump held a rally on Saturday evening in Moon Township, Pennsylvania at the Pittsburgh airport hangar.

It was a barn-burner — The president took on everyone and everything from Low IQ Maxine Waters, to Son-of-a-bitch Chuck Todd, to Fake News CNN.

It was too much to take for some of the elitist liberal media hacks.

White House reporter and CNN contributor went off on an unhinged rant against President Trump on Sunday morning.

April Ryan: This is real and it’s dangerous. During the campaign this president talked about kicking people out, beating them up. People did get beat up. The problem is now when you make the press the enemy, which he has, there are people out here who are really crazy enough to really feel that and to act on it. And some of my dear colleagues who are going to some of these rallies, you know some of these rallies have been so tense that they’ve been fearful for their safety at times. All the president has to say is act on it and people will turn. This is someone who has the power of life and death in his tongue and his pen and also the fact that people will turn on the press in a moment’s notice. So this is not shtick. This is real for us. And we are covered by the Founding Fathers, these white men who covered all of us not knowing there’d be social media or people like “us” covering the White House. So this is a dangerous game. And this president vowed to uphold the Constitution. And the free press is part of that. And he’s going against his vow when he was inaugurated. So I take this seriously. And to call Chuck Todd an SOB. That was totally wrong. Chuck is stalwart, he’s fact-based and he works hard at what he does.

That was nuts.
It should be pointed out that conservatives are beaten by violent leftists in America at a rate of nearly 300 to 1 since the 2016 election campaign. Liberal hacks like April Ryan like to hide this from the American public.


Via Reliable Sources:

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