Anti-Gun “Journalist” Kurt Eichenwald Threatens Pro-Gun Legislator

Controversial lib hack writer Kurt Eichenwald steps in it once again, as is the norm for him. One gander down his twitter feed and one can’t help but wonder why he hasn’t been institutionalized for his delusional rants. But in today’s modern liberal media, he’s given a job as a writer for fabulous rags such as Vanity Fair, MSNBC, and formerly of Newsweek.

Eichenwald has reached a new low, and could very well end up in both criminal and civil court for his latest stunt. He has published the personal information, including the social security number, of Oregon state representative Bill Post, along with vague threats.

Representative Post is one of the most conservative members of the Oregon House, and is very pro gun. Post made a recent, well, post with a screen capture of the publicly available information of the petitioners of Oregon’s IP43, the gun confiscation ballot measure that made headlines earlier in the week. This information is what’s on the Secretary Of State’s website, and is available to anyone, and required for anyone wishing to file for an initiative petition.

The Oregonian reports:

A Dallas-based journalist for Vanity Fair and MSNBC posted an Oregon lawmaker’s personal information online early Friday morning, as a tit for tat after the lawmaker posted information about supporters of an initiative to ban assault weapon sales in the state.

Kurt Eichenwald launched an extensive Twitter tirade against Rep. Bill Post, a Republican from Keizer, just before 9 a.m. PST. Eichenwald posted a news story about Post’s decision earlier this week to share phone numbers and home addresses of three Portland clergy leading an effort to ban sales of assault weapons in Oregon on Facebook.

“Where do the psychos come from?” Eichenwald wrote on Twitter. “This is what happens when the GOP throws open the doors to the mental ward and invites the patients to be their standard bearers.”

Post encouraged members of a pro-gun rights Facebook group on Wednesday to contact the initiative supporters and share their information with others. A rabbi and pastor told The Oregonian/OregonLive on Thursday that they had been wondering why they were receiving phone calls, emails and online messages from gun rights supporters. Their information that Post shared came from a publicly available state database. 

Eichenwald went a step further on Friday, posting Post’s social security number in addition to his phone number and home address for Eichenwald’s 454,000 Twitter followers and countless others to see. Eichenwald quickly deleted the information, saying he’d made his point. Eichenwald did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Eichenwald wrote to Post that it “took me 25 seconds to get all the information about you, your wife, your son (tell him happy 25th), your neighbors etc. Don’t bring a knife to a bazooka fight.”

Post could not immediately be reached on Friday morning regarding the impact of Eichenwald’s posting of his information, a tactic known as “doxing.”

Rep. Post joined the Joe Messina show to give his side of the story:

It started off with one of the local newspapers did an article this morning… The Secretary Of State of Oregon posts on their website an initiative petition like this one, IP43. On that page it has the language of the ballot measure, the six pages that I’m telling you about… A lot of information. Part of the information is, whoever the chief petitioners are, whatever information they give to the Secretary of State, that goes on the site, so they say ‘this is my mailing address, and this is my phone number’. I was a chief petitioner once so I did a PO Box, and I did my office number. So whatever number, whatever address they put on this page. Again, a public page. I linked that on a facebook post on my facebook page, to inform people ‘here’s the information; The ballot language, the petitioners, who’s being paid for what, who’s behind it…’ The Oregonian, this morning, had an article saying that I actually, what I did not know, had never heard of before, “doxxed”, “doxxing”, I was doxxing clergy members. That I was putting them in jeopardy.

And then this Kurt Eichenwald guy picked up the story, and ran with it on some website called, it’s on the The Hill, it’s on Washington Press, and it all says “GOP Rep In Oregon Threatens Clergy”.

And the thing is, he’s got half a million followers, and I think all half a million of them reached out and touched me today, because what they’re saying to me “hey, Post, because you gave out ‘private information'”… remember this is a public page, where the petitioners gave permission for their information to be put on the page. Because I gave out ” private information”, we’re giving out your’s!”

So this Kurt Eichenwald posted my social security number, my home phone, my cell phone, pictures of my wife, my son, our home, directions to our home. Everything you could imagine, bank accounts, you name it. And then what he did was, this was the finale, he pulled all that stuff down and he posted this: “Now that I have demonstrated to you that I can get your home address, personal phone numbers, social security number, more. I’ve deleted. however, do it again, it all goes back up”.

We have reached out, we’re talking to Twitter right now about suspending this account, and I don’t know what else can be done. We were talking to Texas law authorities, and we’ve talked to Oregon law authorities.

Kurt Eichenwald is no stranger to controversy, as Newsweek apparently canned him over a defamation lawsuit last year. He also came up with a *GENIUS* strategy to oust Trump in 2020, that was quickly met with opposition from fellow liberals. He also cried foul when someone allegedly sent him a tweet that literally triggered a seizure.

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