Angry Old Bat Jackie Speier Claims Trump’s Tweets “Obstruct Justice”, Threatens To “Fire” POTUS If He Removes Mueller

Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat Rep. from San Francisco, told CNN that she doesn’t believe White House lawyer Cobb’s declaration that POTUS will not fire Robert Mueller…. and if he does she claims she will “fire” President Trump. This comes on the heels of President Trump’s weekend tweets about disproven collusion between Russia and his campaign for president.

“I trust the tweets that the president puts out when he’s unsupervised. And I think what we have seen over and over again is [Trump’s] intention to obstruct justice,” Speier said early this morning on CNN’s “New Day” program.

Continuing, Speier stated, Trump is “so accustomed to being able to use his position as a family company and shut people down with lawsuits, and threatening them, he thinks he can do that with the American public. He can’t do that.”


These statements largely follow a Sunday tweet the representative put out:

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