After Mueller Transfers All ‘Evidence’ On Gen. Flynn To Judge, Sara Carter Asks ‘What’s Next?’

Fox News contributor Sara Carter reports that special counsel Robert Mueller has transferred all evidence concerning ex-National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s case to Judge Emmet G. Sullivan.

“What’s next for the embattled former national security advisor?” Carter asks.

The answer may lie in what the special counsel’s office handed over (or failed to hand over) to Sullivan.

Sara Carter reports:

The Office of Special Counsel complied with a federal judge’s order and as a result turned over all evidence related to former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s case, according to two sources who spoke to this reporter.

In December, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered Special Counsel Robert Mueller to provide Flynn’s attorneys with any and all information that may have been withheld from the case. Sullivan took over as the presiding judge after District of Columbia Judge Rudolph Contreras was recused from the case on Dec. 7. […]

Sullivan ordered the government to produce any evidence in its possession that is “favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment.” […]

Sullivan’s request for Mueller to turn over all evidence came after the plea, and the judge noted that even if Mueller believed the information was not “material” to the case, it would be up to Sullivan to decide whether or not to disclose the information to Flynn’s attorney.

The implications that possible exculpatory evidence was withheld by Mueller’s office would be a significant development for Flynn.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, newly redacted text messages reveal disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok had a personal relationship with Rudolph Contreras, the District of Columbia Judge who abruptly recused himself from former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s criminal case.

Sara Carter reported on the ‘explosive’ texts:

In a text message chain from Page to Strzok on July, 25, 2016 she writes, “Rudy is on the FISC! Did you know that? Just appointed two months ago.” At that point, the pair continues to discuss other issues but comes back to Contrares, “I did. We talked about it before and after. I need to get together with him.” Then later Strzok appears to return to his discussion about Contreras.

Strzok/Page July texts
Strzok/Page July texts

Page: “Thought of it because you had to Google FISC judges and him there. I’m telling you.”

Strzok: “….She brought up a good point about being circumspect in talking to him in terms of not placing him into a situation where he’d have to recuse himself.”

Page: “I can’t imagine you either one of you could talk about anything in detail meaningful enough to warrant recusal.” Page then goes back to discussing a different issue saying, “Anyway, maybe you meant to, but didn’t.’

Strzok: “Really? Rudy. I’m in charge of espionage for the FBI. Any espionage FISA comes before him, what should he do? Given his friend oversees them?”

Page: “Standards for recusal are quite high. I just don’t think this poses an actual conflict. And he doesn’t know what you do?”

Strzok: “Generally he does know what I do. Not the level or scope or area but he’s super thoughtful and rigorous about ethics and conflicts. (redacted) suggested a social setting with others would probably be better than a one on one meeting. I’m sorry, I’m just going to have to invite you to that cocktail party. Of course you’ll be there. Have to come up with some other work people cover for action.”

Page: “Why more? Six is a perfectly fine dinner party.”

Sources close to Flynn tell The Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross that Strzok’s relationship with Contreras “is something they might look into.”

The Federalist‘s Sean Davis notes, “News of Strzok’s dismissal by Mueller was leaked the day after Flynn’s guilty plea was accepted by the FISA judge who just happens to be buddies with the guy who interviewed Flynn for the FBI.”


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