WATCH: Marlene Jaeckel Shares Insider Information On Silicon Valley’s WAR Against Conservatives Online

The Social Media Neutrality Panel was held yesterday at the Newseum in Washington DC.

The panel included testimony from Jim Hoft of The Gateway PunditPamela Geller of The Geller ReportMargaret Howell of Rightside BroadcastingOleg Atbashian from The People’s Cube, tech entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel. Topics all involved the current tech climate, social media bias, shadow banning and other methods meant to silence voices and limit readers and viewers access to information.

Marlene Jaeckel is an Atlanta-based scientist and software engineer who specializes in AI, machine learning, and development on Google and Apple’s platforms. As a conservative, she is an outspoken critic of ideological bias in the technology industry and regularly tweets and writes about discriminatory practices in science, technology, and academia.

Jaeckel, a German South-African, explains how she was on the ground floor working in Silicon Valley in 2009 when she started to see the flagrant bias and censorship out outside of progressive opinion. Jaeckel outlines how while working in tech, she could not even attend a conservative rally in her free time without facing mounting attacks from those in power who would threaten to “destroy” her career. And that’s exactly what happened, suddenly Jaeckel was banned from forums and groups she belonged to, banned from speaking at events that she previously was invited to present at. Her personal experiences bridge to the broader, and terrifying reality, where she shares insider knowledge about how these companies have been able to get away with banning any conservatives these giants disagree with.

Watch Marlene Jaeckel’s entire statement below:

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