Twitter Censorship CRUSHED As Conservatives Send #FullOfSchiff Hashtag VIRAL

The hashtag #FullofSchiff began trending Thursday following Rep. Adam Schiff’s latest attempt to discredit the FISA abuse memo set for release today.

Conservatives from across America and beyond are fighting back after the California Democrat claimed Wednesday evening that House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes made secret “material changes,” to the memo without the consent of congressional investigators.

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As has been the case since Schiff began fighting against the memo’s release, his false alarmist tactic was squished like a bug.

Missed Schiff hitting the panic button last night? The California Democrat tweeted this Wednesday evening:

“BREAKING: Discovered late tonight that Chairman Nunes made material changes to the memo he sent to White House – changes not approved by the Committee. White House therefore reviewing a document the Committee has not approved for release.”

Shortly after Schiff’s tweet, the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York set the record straight. The “material changes,” were in fact mere “‘grammatical and clarifying’ fixes,” along with a modification requested by Democrats.

“On FBI-requested change to House Intel memo, remember that Nunes showed memo to Wray on Sunday, to two FBI officials on Monday, and WH showed to five more FBI officials on Tuesday. Not shocking that change would be made to address FBI concerns,” added York.

“On re-vote: Committee can just do it Monday, with White House release immediately after. World won’t end. OTOH, Congress often does not make members re-vote on ‘technical and conforming’ changes. If these changes go beyond that, they can re-vote.”

Tired of the Schiff’s smears, leaks and lies, Conservatives launched the Twitter hashtag .

Independent journalist and author Jack Posobiec kicked things off.

“Get trending!” tweeted Posobiec.

GOP insider Arthur Schwartz let the House Intelligence Committee member have it, tweeting “Desperate & pathetic leaker @RepAdamSchiff is going to have a rough day. Because he’s .”

Infowars Editor-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson lent a huge helping hand to the cause.

“It would be awful if began trending,” tweeted Watson.

Watson also pointed out the hashtag no longer trends on his end.

was trending. Presumably, Twitter intervened.”

Donald Trump Jr. helped blast the hashtag into viral territory, tweeting an article about Schiff claiming the memo was altered.

RebelTV host John Cardillo called on his followers to get  trending.

“Hey all, needs to trend. It’s nowhere near popular enough considering how perfectly it fits,” tweeted Cardillo.

Former Trump state campaign official James Brower discovered Twitter appears to be censoring the hashtag.


Trump surrogate Scott Presler called Schiff out on his lies.

Author Kevin Jackson tweeted, I’m sure @AdamSchiffCA will claim that Russian BOTS are the reason he’s trending!”

“Do we really trust this guy to tell us what is good for our country? I didn’t vote for President Schiff.. ,” tweeted the founder of New Right US.

The founder of New Right US also raised concerns about the hashtag possibly being suppressed.

Radio host Mike Opelka chimed in, “Happy to help, — can we add ?”

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