TRUMP CURSE=> Skier Lindsey Vonn Fails to Medal in Her First Olympic Event in 8 Years After Trashing Trump

The Trump curse hit leftie skier Lindsey Vonn yet again after she previously trashed the President.

During an interview with CNN in December, Vonn said she does not compete for the president. When asked how it will feel “competing at the Olympic games for the United States whose president is Donald Trump?” Vonn responded with this:

Lindsey Vonn: “Um, well I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president.”

Vonn was then asked if she would accept an invitation to the White House if she wins gold, she said,

Lindsey Vonn: “Absolutely not. But you have to win to be invited.”

Lindsey Vonn then promptly injured her back during a World Cup competition, finishing in 24th place.


Now this…

Sports Illustrated reported, “In her first Olympic event in eight years, Lindsey Vonn fails to medal in the Super-G”

OUCH. The Trump curse hit Lindsey Vonn hard.

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