Tom Fitton UNLEASHES on Obama Amid FBI Text Message Firestorm “FISA Wasn’t the Only Way Obama Gang Spied on Trump”

As previously reported, a text message from corrupt FBI lovers and former Mueller investigators implicates former President Barack Obama as being involved in the Obamagate scandal!

“POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing” FBI lawyer Lisa Page said about Obama in a text message.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton unleashed on corrupt Obama in a tweetstorm.

Tom Fitton asked, “When will Obama be questioned?”

Fitton: “Obama wanted to “know everything” about Clinton email investigation from his appointee Comey. And no doubt we will find Obama wanted to “know everything” about his Clinton/DNC dossier/FBI spying on team. Will Obama be questioned?”

We urgently need a criminal investigation into the Obama administration which will have to include Obama.

Fitton: “If there ever is an urgently needed criminal investigation into Obama admin abuses of FBI/DOJ, it will have to include Obama. What did he know, what did he direct, etc.”

Tom Fitton then suggests a FISA warrant wasn’t the only way the corrupt Obama gang spied on Trump’s camp!

Fitton: “Was the Clinton/DNC anti- Dossier used to justify Obama gang unmaskings of team, such as Trump, Flynn, Sessions, etc? FISA wasn’t the only way Obama gang spied on .”

The fish rots from the head down. Of course Obama knew what the FBI, DOJ and FISC were doing with Hillary’s phony Russia dossier.

The whole point of Hillary becoming president was to prevent Donald Trump from exposing Obama’s 8 year crime spree, including the scandal of all scandals–Uranium One.

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