“Today Feels Different”: Sources Say POTUS Trump Fury Against AG Sessions May Lead To Firing

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On Wednesday morning, President Trump slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for directing Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to probe Obama-era FISA abuses. 

“Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse. Will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on Comey etc. Isn’t the I.G. an Obama guy? Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!” tweeted Trump.

In response to Trump’s criticism, Sessions issued his own statement, affirming “As long as I am the Attorney General, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor.”

Allies of the embattled Attorney General worry Trump may fire Sessions.

Axios reports:

The concept: Fire Sessions, then what next? Are you going to fire Rosenstein too? And then what after that?

Sources close to the situation say today feels different than Trump’s usual rages. Sessions’ allies are deeply concerned and Trump is totally fed up with his AG.

In a show of solidarity, AG Sessions, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Solicitor General Noel Francisco, had dinner tonight at a “high-end” D.C. eatery.

Axios reporters Johnathan Swan and Alayna Treene say “the symbolism was unmistakable.”

Picture is…

The three top ranking officials in the Justice Department appearing together in a show of solidarity on the same day Trump is publicly and privately raging about Sessions.

When Trump sees this photo he’ll have to absorb a concept that some of his aides have been trying to impress upon him for nearly a year, since he first began telling them he wanted to get rid of Sessions.


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