Sick Hillary Coughs a Lung Out as She Vows to ‘Never Give Up’ (VIDEO)

Sick Hillary coughed a lung out on Wednesday as she pledged to never give up fighting for women’s rights.

Crooked Hillary spoke for 8 minutes for a live stream video which was blasted out to the MAKERS Conference on Wednesday.

“I pledge to continue to speak out, I pledge to never give up,” Hillary said as she coughed up a lung.

Hillary barely made it through the last part of her message, her voice strained as she continued to cough and sip water.


Coughing fits plagued Sick Hillary during the 2016 presidential election. She was even chucked into her Scooby mobile like a side of beef after she fainted on September 11, 2016, but we were called conspiracy theorists and sexist for reporting on her obvious health problems.


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