IT’S A SET UP=> Report: Adam Schiff Purposely Put “Sources and Methods” in Dem Spin Memo to Force POTUS Trump to Make Redactions

The Democrats have been in spin mode since the House Intel Committee released the damning FISA memo last Friday.

The House Minority penned a 10-page ‘counter-memo’ in order to ‘refute’ the House Majority FISA memo.

On Monday, suspected leaker Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) announced the House Intel Committee voted unanimously to release the Democrat spin memo.

Fox News reporter John Roberts reports sources are telling him Schiff’s spin memo purposely contains information pertaining to “sources and methods” which will force POTUS Trump to make redactions. This was done tactically to make Trump look like he’s censoring the Dems since he made no changes to Nunes’ memo.

Schiff and the Dems are snakes.

Fox News’ John Robert reported, “Sources tell @foxnews that the @AdamSchiffCA memo contains information pertaining to “sources and methods” that will likely require redaction. One source says this was done tactically to force the @realDonaldTrump into making changes – setting up a contrast with GOP memo”

Investigative reporter Sara Carter said, “Just look at what’s been happening from the beginning- my sources say yes. But really it’s up to @RepAdamSchiff to answer that question.”

The Democrat spin memo reached the White House Tuesday morning. It is being reported President Trump will be briefed on the 10-page document Tuesday afternoon.

White House reporter for Bloomberg News, Jennifer Jacobs tweeted, “NEW: Trump has NOT read the Dem memo yet but he has it, General Kelly tells me. Kelly says Trump will be briefed on it later today.”

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