REPORT: Radio Legend Michael Savage Approached To Run Against Sen. Dianne Feinstein (AUDIO)

Radio legend Michael Savage revealed to his audience Friday that ‘very important people,’ have approached him to run against Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

SAVAGE: “Some very important people have come to me and said ‘Savage, would you like to run as an independent for the U.S. Senate in the of California against the esteemed Dianne Feinstein?’ Now you may say ‘you don’t have a ghost of a chance.’ With all those illegal aliens, with all that union money, with no press on your side, how could you David run against the Goliath of Feinstein?” […] I’ve been holding down the fort for 24 years this March. 24 years in the radio business and I am younger than Dianne Feinstein. That’s right. I’ve been asked by a number of very powerful, important people to run as an independent for the U.S. Senate in the state of California and I am contemplating whether I really want to leave what I’ve worked for all my life and roll in the mud because politics is the dirty business on the planet.”

Savage did not reveal who is pushing him to run for the U.S. Senate or what type of backing he would receive.

After this reporter tweeted the news, support for Savage poured in.

In a mailer received by California Democrats on Tuesday, Senator Feinstein asked delegates to endorse her at this weekend’s state convention.

“Today, more than ever, California and our nation’s progress are threatened on many fronts by Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress…California Democrats can and must lead Democrats across the nation to victory. Please know that I stand with each and every one of you and that I deeply appreciate all you do for our party and for the values we share,” wrote the 84-year-old lawmaker.

As NPR noted this month, Feinstein’s age has some asking if the time has come for her to pass the baton to a younger candidate.

It can be a delicate matter to bring up someone’s age. But in California, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s age has become a openly discussed issue in her campaign for a fifth full term. Feinstein — a Democrat — is 84, making her the oldest member of the United States Senate.

But not by much. There are seven other senators who are also in their 80s, though none of them are running for re-election this year. Some political columnists have said that Feinstein shouldn’t run again. Harold Meyerson, executive editor of the liberal magazine The American Prospect, made that argument in a column in the Los Angeles Times.

“This is a six-year term,” Meyerson says, “which is the longest term any elected officials in the United States can be elected to. So the issue isn’t simply what shape is Dianne Feinstein in at age 84, it’s also what shape will she — or anyone — be in at 91?”

Savage, who Salon magazine credited as the “Godfather of Trumpa-mania,” met with President Trump at Mar-A-Lago over the holidays.

Credit: Bernstein.Arthur

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Here’s what Savage had to say about his meeting with President Trump:

“As you know, my dear audience, over the last few months, I have not had access to the administration. There was a dead silence and I had no idea why. A friend of mine invited me down Christmas Eve at Mar-a-Lago. I had some trepidation to go to the dinner, because I did not know if the President would have ushered over to see him during the dinner. There was no guarantee and I would have truthfully not been surprised if he had not been interested in seeing me.”

“To my complete surprise, and very much so, the minute he saw me in that big ballroom, he waved me over. He had the guards lift up the velvet rope, he said, “Sit down here Michael,” and that was the beginning of the understanding that I have that the President of the United States never forgets his friends and that it was not the President of the United States who was blocking access to the President.

And so to be frank with you, I can’t tell you everything that was discussed nor would I in a private conversation. I have to respect privacy.”

One question remains; would President Trump endorse an independent Savage over the Republican nominee?


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