Rep. Nunes Speaks On DOJ-FBI Spying on Trump: “Stuff that Happens in Banana Republic” – “I Don’t Know What They Were Smoking”


Chairman Devin Nunes spoke to Bret Baier on Special Report Friday night after the FISA memo was released earlier today.

This was a devastating interview for Democrats.

Devin Nunes BLASTED the criminal Obama FBI, State Department and Department of Justice.

From the interview:

On Comey: He lied under oath… Type of stuff that happens in banana republics.

On the Dossier: If you look at the dossier from the beginning, I don’t know what they were smoking to think that Carter Page, who hasn’t had a job in many years… The Russians called an idiot… Do you think the Russians were going to offer him 19% share of major oil companies? This is crazy!… The dossier came from Russia. It came from Hillary campaign.

The only truth in the dossier: Russia is a country and Carter Page is a person.

On FBI investigation: We are looking at State Department.

On House Intel Committee: We have the facts. We know we are over the target by the way they react.

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