Rep. Nunes Exposes COMEY’S BIG DOSSIER LIE – Then Challenges Him to Come Back to Congress and Testify (VIDEO)

House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes spoke to Bret Baier on Special Report Friday night after the FISA memo was released earlier on Friday.

Nunes compared the Obama-Comey-DOJ-FBI to a banana republic.

Devin Nunes BLASTED the criminal Obama FBI, State Department and Department of Justice.

During the interview, which was frequently interrupted by Baier, Nunes accused fired FBI Chief James Comey of lying to Congress about the Russia dossier.

Nunes then challenged the former FBI chief to come back to Congress and testify under oath again.


Transcript via Andrew Bostom:

This was an amazing interview.
Video from FOX News:

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