Mueller Indictment Shows Russian Conspiracy to Support Bernie Sanders

On Friday, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that a grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals, along with 3 Russian entities, accused of “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton.”

Mueller’s indictment exposes a Russian operation of online trolls disparaging Hillary Clinton (big deal) while showing support for Trump…and Bernie Sanders.

In other words, Mueller has nothing on Trump’s campaign, but the witch hunt continues.

On page 17 of Mueller’s indictment, it is revealed the Russians not only disparaged Hillary Clinton, they denigrated other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.


Mueller’s indictment also revealed the Russians supported Bernie Sanders.

“Specialists were instructed to post content that focused on “politics in the USA” and to “use any opportunity to criticize Hillary and the rest (except Sanders and Trump–we support them).”

The Russians also supported Hillary Clinton.

Several of these online groups were pro-Hillary and even HELD RALLIES for Hillary.

United Muslims of America was NOT pro-Trump.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave a press conference on Friday to answer questions about Mueller’s indictment.

Rosenstein admitted not one American had knowledge they were interacting with Russians who were posing as Americans.

Furthermore, Rosenstein admitted the Russian operation did not impact the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election.

But the Russia witch hunt of President Trump continues…

A leaker with inside knowledge of the Special Counsel’s operation ran to Bloomberg Friday and said Mueller’s witch hunt will continue for MONTHS.

TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, Bloomberg published a report Friday afternoon based on leaks by a source with intimate knowledge of the Mueller probe (and Mueller’s thinking on the probe) who said Special Counsel Robert Mueller has not cleared President Donald Trump of colluding with Russia in the 2016 election nor of obstructing the subsequent investigations into the alleged collusion.

The leaker also claimed Friday’s indictments about Russian interference in the election are meant to be a warning for the 2018 mid-term elections.

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