MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Reacts to FISA Memo: “I’m Very Suspicious… This Is a Trump Document” (VIDEO)

The House Intelligence Committee released their classified FISA memo on Friday morning.
The House voted on Monday along party lines to share the explosive memo with the American public.

This comes after the approval of President Donald Trump.

** Read the entire un-redacted document here.


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews reacted to the explosive document in predictable fashion — By ignoring the content.

Matthews instead accuse Rep. Devin Nunes’ staffers of being Trump pawns.

Chris Matthews: “I,m very suspicious this is staff written by someone who is very involved with the Trump people… I think it’s a political document … I’m very suspicious that this was written by a staff member close to Trump people … This is a Trump document.”

That’s all they got.
Blame Trump for illegal spying on Trump.

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