Lou Dobbs Breaks Silence After Fans Express Worry About Absence From Fox Business Network

Pro-Trump host Lou Dobbs has been absent from his Fox Business Network program as of late and his legions of fans have begun to worry. 


On Wednesday evening, Dobbs broke his silence, revealing he is recovering from a health issue and will be back on Monday.


“Thanks to all for your kindness and concern, and your loyalty as always to the show.”

“I’ve had a medical issue to deal with and have been recuperating on the farm. All has gone well, and I’m anxious to get back to the show this coming Monday. Thanks again, and see you then,” said Dobbs.

Despite his absence, Dobbs is still tweeting his support for President Trump.

“Searching for Answers- House Intel Committee’s Devin Nunes doing what the Mueller probe won’t – investigating the Dimms and Deep State’s role in subverting @realDonaldTrump during the 2016 election & transition.”

“Expose the Corruption- President @realDonaldTrump calls on AG Sessions to investigate why the Obama administration failed to do anything about the 2016 Russia election threat. Join NOW on FBN.”

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