Lawyer Accused Sheriff Scott Israel of Using ‘Amorous’ Women to Illegally Entrap Black Men

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was accused in 2016 of using ‘amorous’ women to illegally entrap African-American men. 

NBC Miami reports:

Louis Hilaire, 25, was arrested a few months ago by BSO deputies for burglary, grand theft, grand theft of a firearm and possession of a weapon.

But according to his attorney he was set up by the BSO.

“They manufacture the entire scenario. It’s been illegal under Florida law since 1902 as we cited to the court to do what they did,” attorney Kevin Kulik said.

According to court documents Hilaire, who had a previous record of attempted robbery, was recently contacted by an ex-girlfriend who was working as an informant for the sheriff’s office.

She asked him to participate in a scam at a local hotel stealing cash, jewelry and a safe with a loaded gun inside, the documents said. In court, Hilaire said he refused to participate in the crime when asked at least 10 times on separate occasions.

But according to court records his ex pleaded with him to please help her out and eventually he did.

“The housekeeper then told Hilaire how to crack the safe, which contained a gun and handed him a key to the hotel room. Hilaire stole the goods and then the cops converged. The housekeeper, it turns out was a cop, and the entire ordeal was a sting,” court documents say.


According to Broward County court records, the case against Hilaire was eventually dismissed.

In a deposition, Israel admits the VIPER unit (Violent Intervention Proactive Enforcement Response), which ‘entrapped’ Hilaire, “basically entrapped people via a ‘hotel method,'” says reporter Alex Rubinstein.

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