JUST IN=> Amtrak Train Bound for Penn Station BREAKS APART (PHOTO)

According to the New York Post, an Amtrak train bound for Penn Station broke apart traveling 125 mph on Tuesday. 

Photo credit: New York Post

New York Post reports:

A high-speed Amtrak train bound for Penn Station broke apart as it was cruising through Maryland on Tuesday, sources told The Post.

The 2150 Acela was traveling from Washington D.C. to the Big Apple when the incident happened at about 11:20 a.m. The train was traveling at about 125 mph, according to the source.

“Someone could have been walking through the train when that happened and fell to their death,” said the source.

A photo shows the connector between two coupled trains broken and separated.

Amtrak officials confirmed the incident, but didn’t immediately have details.

Last week, an Amtrak train carrying Republican lawmakers was involved in a deadly crash, killing one.

The driver of the truck that collided with the train died on scene.

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