Judge Jeanine: “Mueller Is The Person Who Should Be Investigated” (VIDEO)

Guest post by Mike LaChance at American Lookout:

Judge Jeanine Pirro recently appeared on the Sean Hannity Show and suggested that there’s another investigation which should be opened – of Robert Mueller. She cites as one reason, the fact that he was head of the FBI when the wheels began to turn for Hillary’s Uranium One deal.

The Hill reported:


Fox’s Jeanine Pirro: Mueller ‘is the person who should be’ investigated

Fox News contributor Jeanine Pirro said Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller “is the person who should be investigated,” instead of President Trump…

Pirro, one of TV’s most vocal pro-Trump pundits, dismissed the “Russian so-called interference” in an appearance on host Sean Hannity’s program, and she and Hannity discussed accusations of political bias on the special counsel’s team.

“I look at Mueller’s team: Obama donors, Clinton donors, DNC donors. Nobody likes Trump,” Hannity said, adding that he wants to know the reason behind Mueller’s appointment of “Trump haters” to his team investigating the Russia case.

“Because Robert Mueller is not looking for an objective team. Robert Mueller is looking for people with an agenda against Donald Trump. Robert Mueller is the person who should be being investigated, given the fact that he was the head of the FBI when this attempt to find our uranium started in 2009,” she said.

Watch the video:

As a former prosecutor, she’s very good at making a case!

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