Iranian Anti-Hijab Protesters to be Charged with Promoting Prostitution

This brave woman protested the brutal Iranian regime by removing her hijab in public and waving it like a surrender flag.

The woman was later arrested for removing her veil in public.
The regime insists it’s un-Islamic.

This action started a series of protests by courageous women in Iran.

A number of the women were arrested by the regime and now they could be facing up to ten years in prison for promoting prostitution.

The Daily Mail reported:

Iranian women protesting the compulsory headscarf by taking off their hijab in public could be facing up to a decade in jail for ‘inciting prostitution’, police has warned.

Authorities in Iran are desperately trying to stem the growing protests across the country against the dress code enforced on women since the Islamic revolution of 1979.

More than 35 women have been arrested in the capital Tehran alone in the past two months, with several reportedly subjected to torture while in custody.

At least two of the arrested protesters, Narges Hosseini and Shaparak Shajarizadeh, are being charged with ‘inciting corruption and prostitution’, Amnesty International reports.

Ms Shajarizadeh was arrested last Wednesday and has reportedly been subjected to beatings in prison.

And the regime is now welding slanted tops for electrical boxes to prevent future protests.


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