MAYHEM in Philly: Here Are the Most Insane Videos From the Super Bowl Riot

Following the Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl win on Sunday evening, Philadelphia descended into pure lawless mayhem as rioters set fires, flipped cars, looted stores and destroyed everything in sight.

It looked a lot less like a celebration than a scene from one of the Purge films.

One excited fan decided to prove his devotion to the team… by eating horse manure. The disgusting stunt was met with applause from the crowd.

Looters at the Wawa on Broad and Catherine had a food fight while declaring that “everything is free.”

Windows were also broken at Macy’s.

An awning for the Ritz Carlton Hotel came crashing down after rioters decided that it was a reasonable place to party.

Earlier in the evening, fans had been jumping from the awning into the sea of Eagles fans.

Other fans jumped from light posts.

There were also multiple fires reported.

No cars were safe.

If this is what happened after they won, imagine how bad it would have been if the Eagles had lost.


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