Immigration Expert Kris Kobach: If President Gets His Four Requirements He should Feel Comfortable Signing Bill (VIDEO)

Mitch McConnell and Republican senators will introduce bill this week for a path to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers Monday.

President Trump announced his requirements for the immigration bill this morning.

On Monday Kansas Secretary of State and immigration expert, Kris Kobach, joined FOX and Friends to discuss the senate immigration debate this week and what Americans can expect.

Kobach told FOX and Friends not to expect much from the US Senate.

Kris Kobach: I don’t believe a free-wheeling debate in the senate is going to produce anything that is very good based on what they’re talking about right now. Look, the president set down a very clear marker saying, ‘If you want this amnesty for DACA recipients, you have to give the American people the wall. You have to get rid of the visa lottery, you have to get rid of chain migration.” And I would add one more thing that’s in the Goodlatte bill on the House side, you have to give us E-verify. If that’s the term of the deal then the president should feel comfortable signing it. But if it doesn’t have those four things he should walk away. I don’t think anything the senate is going to produce is going to have those four things.


~75% immigrants vote Democrat.
This bill does not guarantee any enforcement BEFORE amnesty.

Here is the link is a list of all senators and their phone numbers.



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