Here’s the Complete List of Russian Twitter Bot Accounts – Top Tweets from Top Russian Accounts Only Garnered 175K Retweets!

Here is the complete list of the Russian bot twitter accounts.

The list was posted on Pastebin.

And here is a list of 108 of the 2,752 Russian bot accounts banned by Twitter where the archives can be found.

Via G_Hawkins on Twitter.

The Deep State and liberal media cohorts want you to believe these bot accounts flipped the election.

Hillary Clinton campaign also had thousands of bot accounts.
They must not have been very believable – like their sickly candidate.

Now this…

The 50 most popular tweets from the 2 most popular Russian Twitter accounts garnered less than 175,000 total retweets.

This entire meme promoted by the left and liberal media that Russia hacked the election is complete trash.

Image from The Duran

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