Grassley Hammers Adam Schiff For Claiming Steele Criminal Referral Undermines Mueller Witch Hunt

House Intel Minority Leader Adam Schiff blew a fuse after President Trump refused to release his flawed memo on Friday.

President Trump refused to release the seriously flawed memo on Friday. The FBI refused to release the Schiff memo due to security concerns.

First the Intelligence Committee will have to clean it up.

Schiff continued to spread lies about his junk memo AND GOP on Sunday in an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation.


Sunday evening Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) hammered Adam Schiff through his spox Taylor Foy.

Last week Senate Judiciary Chairmen Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham released an unredacted criminal referral they sent to the DOJ asking to investigate dossier author Christopher Steele for lying to the FBI.

According to the Senate Judiciary criminal referral, Steele lied to the FBI about his contacts with the media such as Yahoo News and Mother Jones. Steele previously told the FBI that he had not spoken to the media.

Grassley reveals the FBI KNEW Steele lied about his contact with media outlets, yet they DID NOT disclose this very pertinent information to the FISA court.

Also, a footnote in the unredacted Grassley memo states the FBI failed to provide the Committee with 1023’s [FBI form to document meetings with sources] documenting Steele’s statements to the FBI so the Committee had to rely on the accuracy of the FBI’s representation to the FISC regarding those statements.

The Senate Judiciary criminal referral confirmed information in the Nunes FISA memo released by the House Intel Committee on February 2nd.

These two documents were devastating to Mueller’s witch hunt, Obama’s corrupt FBI/DOJ and Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday, Adam Schiff continued his baseless claims that both Senate Judiciary Committee and House Intel Committee members are purposely trying to undermine Robert Mueller.

Chairman Grassley slammed Schiff in a blistering response.

Fox News reported:

Late Sunday, Grassley spokesman Taylor Foy fired back at Schiff, saying in a statement that the Steele referral “says not one word critical of Mueller.”

“If Schiff (or anyone else) is going to claim that it is Grassley’s intent to undermine the Mueller probe, they should back it up with actual evidence or retract it and apologize for questioning the motives of their colleagues without any basis whatsoever,” Foy said. “Otherwise, they’re only exposing their own biases.”

Adam Schiff has been in overdrive since the FISA memo was released.

We know sneaky Adam Schiff put sources and methods in his junk memo on purpose so it wouldn’t be released ultimately trying to make Trump look like an obstructionist.

According to investigative reporter Sara Carter Schiff purposely put “sources and methods” in his spin memo to force President Trump to make redactions.

Mueller’s wheels are falling off because the investigation was a sham from the beginning; the truth is finally bubbling up to the surface which is causing Deep State operatives live Schiff to panic.

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